Design Delivery at Bernard Interiors

The success of Bernard Interiors is built on delivering an outstanding, confidential and personable experience for each of our clients and over the last twelve years we have built up a portfolio that we are extremely proud of. Behind the scenes, a clear and precise design process from concept presentation right through to completion ensures that the project runs smoothly and our design director, Lisa Orrick is an integral part of this process. Lisa plans the workload for our interior designers, ensuring design delivery for each project is consistent, on time and on budget.

“Attention to detail throughout the design process is key,” explains Lisa. “We provide a large amount of information at tender stage to ensure the project can be costed correctly by the contractor. Full drawing packages eliminate any ambiguity and also enable us to make sure our designs are within the correct cost parameters at specifying stage”.

A project could have up to seven deadlines during design stage so working collaboratively with external consultants is also of paramount importance to ensure all of the information is coordinated and delivered on time. Lisa consults with architects, contractors and project managers on a daily basis to understand the programme for each project. “It’s quite normal for us to have sixteen plus live projects at a time, all at different stages,” continues Lisa. “It is therefore crucial that we attend all DTM’s (Design Team Meetings), either in person or virtually, and are fully up to speed with every project so the design team can be managed in accordance with specific project deadlines”.

An associate or senior designer is assigned to each project as well as Lisa, our design director, who oversees every project as a whole. This is so the client and external consultants have a consistent contact throughout the process to keep communication clear and concise. Other designers are then flexed as required, often working on many projects simultaneously. “The flexibility and experience of our team means we are able to adapt to changing deadlines and priorities quickly. Delivering information accurately and on time is paramount for us,” explains Lisa. “Having a one team approach, helping each other and working collaboratively really helps us to achieve this goal. We’ve never missed a deadline and I intend to keep it this way!”

Lisa plans the workload of our interior designers, ensuring design delivery for each project is consistent, on time and on budget.


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Photography © Neale Smith / Kristen McCluskie