Bernard Interiors collaborates with Yorkare Homes on brand update

Family-owned business Yorkare Homes is an award-winning care home provider based in East Yorkshire. With nine care homes across Yorkshire and Lincolnshire, its goal is to deliver the highest standard of care to its residents, and ensure families know their loved ones are in the safest hands. Its success in doing so is illustrated by its ranking as one of the highest CQC-rated care providers nationally, and its multi-award-winning track record. 

As a trusted and loyal partner of Bernard Interiors for many years, the two businesses have worked together on multiple projects, including Beverley Parklands, Louth Manor, and Cottingham Manor, two of which were shortlisted by the Pinders Healthcare Design Awards as one of the UK’s Best Care Home developments in 2022.

Louth Manor also was named the winner of The Best Regeneration Project within the last 25 years and The Best Architectural Design Award, which is a direct reflection of both the exterior and interior design of this project. 

Yorkare Homes has always delivered excellent quality care facilities, but it recently envisioned a new era of premium later living to complement its more traditional standard of care home. Its aim was to open up new possibilities for retirees looking to make the most of their golden years. 

Following Yorkare Homes’ internal strategic rebrand, Bernard Interiors was enlisted to implement the new brand into a pipeline of seven projects. This allowed Bernard Interiors to help Yorkare Homes achieve its goal of setting a precedent for quality in the later living sector, through its expertise in creating warm, beautiful, and comfortable spaces.

In order to blanket the interiors with the Yorkare Homes’ fresh look, Bernard Interiors first studied the new brand. Using the updated logo as a source of inspiration, the design studio thought of innovative ways to encapsulate the new era envisioned by the client into spaces for residents. 

This involved generating richer colour palettes, collating premium fabrics and sourcing unique artwork and high-end antiques.

The Bernard Interiors team first introduced Yorkare Homes to a host of new colour schemes designed to reflect the new branding. Rich creams, deep blues and slate greys were presented, along with ideas of where these should be placed to optimise the effect. For instance, a neutral color palette was used for the walls in order to maximise natural light, while pops of colour were used more sparingly to elevate the uniqueness of the space elegantly.

Similarly, Bernard Interiors approached each of the seven projects with a personal touch while maintaining a consistent brand aesthetic. Customising a home begins with an in-depth investigation of its geographical location, which aids in specifying furniture and fixings that reflect its surroundings.

For example, the interiors of Louth Manor, with their country-like feel and refined twist, are inspired by the market town’s proximity to a largely rural area of Eastern Lincolnshire. This pastoral theme was brought to life by combining architectural features like the beamed ceiling in the entrance with natural textures, fragrant bouquets and potted plants.

Aside from its creative ability, the Bernard Interiors team contributed a wealth of strategic planning expertise to bring the Yorkare Homes rebrand to life. As a result, the care home provider has raised its profile with awards success, improved the lives of residents, and maintained its position as a market leader in later living. 

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Photography © Neale Smith / Kristen McCluskie