Giving Back

At Bernard Interiors, we’re very fortunate to have a team that collectively cares about the greater good. It’s a big bonus that we get to do a job we enjoy every day whilst also giving thought to how we can contribute to a host of causes in our local communities. Knowing that we’re giving back to charities across the UK, especially in the areas where our offices are located, adds a level of job satisfaction that’s bigger than ticking off the to-do list. 

In the North East, we have supported many local charities including The People’s Kitchen which helps to provide vital support to homeless and vulnerable people in Newcastle. Thanks to this charity, people can find a hot meal, well-being packages, or simply a friend in times of need. 

With a range of surplus materials in the studio, members of our talented team also created blankets that were handed out to those that need them most, as well as providing donations of warm clothes for the winter. 

We don’t believe in waste and often anything can be repurposed whilst offering a benefit to others, making our operations more sustainable. 

Since creativity is an innate part of what we do, we also like to nurture the artistic side of young people. Materials and textiles left over from projects are donated to local schools to boost their art departments’ capabilities and provide pupils with the opportunity to explore their innovative side. We have all, at some point, been creative children and young people, so we know first-hand the benefits of expressing ourselves through arts and crafts. 

As well as our Newcastle head office, we also have a presence in the Capital. Our ambition is to enrich the areas in which our offices are based and give back, so we decided to donate to Centrepoint in London to help in the fight against youth homelessness. 

The four rooms we’ve sponsored via Centrepoint give a homeless young person a safe place to live. This also helps those in need access professional health care, learning services, training, and life skills. By utilising these services, they will be able to gain independence, increase their employment chances, and eventually gain the skills they need to live in a home of their own.

We also love boosting our physical activity, and it’s even better when it’s for a good cause. In October we are partaking in the 3 Peaks Challenge as a team, to raise money for Projects4Change. This organisation addresses the needs, voices, and rights of young people and works closely within communities to aid young people as they approach adulthood. To further support our endeavor, we are hosting a warehouse sale, with proceeds also going to this charity. This is our chosen charity for the next two years. 

All in all, helping others drives us. We love working with our partners in the retirement living industry to design innovative spaces for later living, as well as lending our support outside of work to a range of organisations. As we continue to work with purpose, we hope to carry on adding value to the lives of others and our local communities as we grow.

Cameron, Designer

Our style is born from our clients vision and our skills realise our clients’ business aspirations or dream lifestyle.


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Photography © Neale Smith / Kristen McCluskie